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Pictures from Meeting 4, 2004

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BwH/BwH043004asmall.JPG 4-30-04 Brian Harmon

Montville, CT
BwH/BwH050204asmall.JPG 5-02-04 Brian Harmon

Salem, CT
Note 2 piece find (3rd from left)
BwH/BwH050904asmall.JPG 5-09-04 Brian Harmon

Salem, CT
BwH/BwH051804asmall.JPG 5-18-04 Brian Harmon

Salem, CT
BwH/BwH052004asmall.JPG 5-20-04 Brian Harmon

BwH/BwH052104asmall.JPG 5-21-04 Brian Harmon

Salem, CT
BwH/BwH052404asmall.JPG 5-24-04 Brian Harmon

Salem, CT
BwH/BwH052604asmall.JPG 5-26-04 Brian Harmon

BwH/BwH052804small.JPG 5-28-04 Brian Harmon
BwH/BwH052804asmall.JPG 5-28-04 Brian Harmon

Salem, CT
BwH/BwH060104asmall.JPG 6-01-04 Brian Harmon

Lebanon, CT
KMS/KMS050604asmall.JPG 5-06-04 Keith Stefanovich

Essex, CT
KMS/KMS053004asmall.JPG 5-30-04 Keith Stefanovich

Marlborough, CT
PK/PK041404asmall.JPG 4-14-04 Pete Klick

South Meriden, CT
PK/PK042204asmall.JPG 4-22-04 Pete Klick

South Glastonbury, CT
Sugar quartz (quartzite)
PK/PK042504small.JPG 4-25-04 Pete Klick

Salem, CT
PK/PK042504asmall.JPG 4-25-04 Pete Klick
Windsor, CT
Side knothead base on top
of Peeking Stone
PK/PK042704asmall.JPG 4-27-04 Pete Klick

South Glastonbury, CT
PK/PK050304asmall.JPG 5-03-04 Pete Klick

Woodland Triangle
PK/PK051804asmall.JPG 5-18-04 Pete Klick

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Pictures from Meeting 4, 2004   
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