Pictures from Week 12, 2002


BwH/BwH@theGap(1).jpg (58052 bytes)4-13-02 Brian Harmon,  Montville, CT SRG/pittedstone&pointsfromSGlastonbury(1).jpg (73975 bytes) 4-15-02 Steve Gagnon, Brian Harmon South Glastonbury, CT
Red Sandstone pallet with pits, small quartz and flint fieldpoints, chips
SRG/SRG2(1).jpg (60118 bytes) 4-14-02 Steve Gagnon South Glastonbury, CT SRG/SRGpottery(1).jpg (31430 bytes) 4-14-02 Steve Gagnon Portland, CT  Small Pottery Fragment
SRG/SRGrock1(1).jpg (52673 bytes) 4-11-02 Steve Gagnon South Windsor, CT  Red Sandstone tool. (broken)

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