Pictures from Week 10, 2002


SRG/tip&basesmall.jpg (44256 bytes) Steve Gagnon 3-16-02, 3-27-02. Quartz tip and base, same style from two different places.  South Windsor, CT. SRG/SRGsmallflinttysmall.jpg (67916 bytes) 3-16-02, Steve Gagnon, South Windsor, CT.
SRG/smallpointsmall.jpg (45223 bytes) 3-08-02, Steve Gagnon, South Windsor, CT.  Small Quartz bird point. BwH/quartzpoint&ottercreekredslateknifesmall.jpg (61122 bytes) 3-27-02, Brian Harmon, Salem, CT.  Quartz point is point of the week.  Other is Otter Creek Red Slate.
SRG/Quartzknifefromdopefieldsmall.jpg (46058 bytes) 3-24-02, Steve Gagnon, Haddam, CT.  Quartz Knife. SRG/2similarknivessmall.jpg (44161 bytes) Two Quartz knives from two different places.  Identical style.  Steve Gagnon, Marlborough and Haddam, CT.

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