Mud and Muck Society Mission Statement

The Mud and Muck Society is based in Central Connecticut. We are a group of surface hunters whose goals are to find Native American Indian artifacts and keep records of who found the artifact, where and when. This information is in turn made available to others and especially to the professional archaeological world. The Mud and Muck Society is also interested in locating possible sites for archaeological digs and participate when possible on local digs. [There is an optional membership in a local archaeological chapter.] The current members belong to the Archaeological Society of Connecticut. Currently there are thousands of records of finds from the area for the years 2000-2010.

The Mud and Muck Society would like to invite you to review our finds, send thoughts and comments, and share with us archaeological finds that you may also have made in Connecticut and New England, and when applicable, share that information with a professional if the need arises. It is our hope that professional archaeologists will find and visit this site often, perhaps aiding with their research. Actually there's more work for archaeologists than there are people available. Even if you do not wish to disclose where the artifacts were found we would love to receive pictures and stories about your finds. All surface collecting is done with owners permission. We want to encourage all questions and comments. Not only is discovering ancient human stone artifacts exciting, it is educational and helps us learn about the ancient world from which we have come. No artifacts are for sale, although in certain situations we may display interest in purchasing pieces and or collections from Connecticut and New England, especially if there is some kind of documentation. Join us in creating this fun and educational site. Steve, Brian, Marty (Keith), Pete and Scott. Mud and Muck!