Ancient history has always fascinated me. Who were these people? How did they live? And what kind of knowledge can be relearned from them? As I walk through fields, streams, caves and cliffs I hunt for the past. My work as a mason takes me to pristine locations to hunt, soon to be lost to picket fences and grass. This hobby has been renewed in my life since I happened upon a moment in time 4 to 6 thousand years ago. In a creek bed, revealed by an ever-changing vein of water, lay a soapstone skillet in pieces. As they fit together to form the first chapter in my collection, I anticipate the ancient story that will unfold. Thanks to the persons of MUD and MUCK I now have common ground and the broadening of knowledge I have been looking for time and time again. Life is what you make of it which makes you what life is. I thank my wife Shannon for supporting my hobby and my son for the joy he has brought me.

-Jason Cardillo

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