After a rather extended leave of absence, I am now available to interact with anyone with questions or just a desire to inquire about my adventures and finds as well as any pertinent information about our rewarding and fulfilling hobby.

Here (at mud and muck) we agreed that it would be well to exclude myself from the website, so as to not confuse or cause awkward situations in which to explain my absence even though I was an original founding member of Mud and Muck Society, and to introduce me at a later time when I became available.

In my absence I have created an Artifact Archive database that can be incorporated into the website as soon as it is updated with all the available data. As such, it can be searchable. (For Example: Type of artifact, Material/color, Members artifacts, locations found, and other such queries.) It was a labor of love and I hope you will all enjoy its ease of use.

Itís great to be back. Mud and Muck to you all,

Allen the MudMucker!
April 2, 2006